Victoria Model Steamboat Club

2021, April 13

For over a century, park walkers like myself pause by the lakeside to watch as boats are put through their paces on the water; fascinated with the detail of vessels laid upon the shore.


2021, January 31

In 2015, the travelling photographer Algirdas Bakas visited the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation, which is a mere 24 kilometers away from his hometown of Jurbarkas. This territory, stretching between Lithuania and Poland, turned from Königsberg, the spearhead of Prussian German grandeur, into the most militarized part of the Soviet Union – Kaliningrad.

A Private Cityscape

2021, January 4

Often, we do not think about how people, things, emotions and environment influence us. Environment which surrounds us, shapes us over time and can direct one way or another. And what about the view we see through the window? We all have friends or acquaintances, who have interesting views through windows of their home or workplaces, where the city looks completely differently, showing its not yet seen “face”. The place where we live or work and what we see through the window affects our emotional and psychological state, well-being and life in general. Desire to understand how the view through the window affects people and was the main reason why I started this project.

Portrait of the Early Generation Z

2020, October 6

Members of the early Generation Z were born between 1995 and 2001. I myself was born in 1998 and the creation of this project was inspired by my own reflections on the relationship with time. Raising my own existential questions — what have I achieved being 22 years old? what else should I achieve in the future? why am I who I am? — I try to find my answers through looking at peers with whom I have interacted in real or digital space.

Not One Dimensional Society

2017, December 1

My beloved and I hitchhiked through both Europe’s huge urban cities and remote mountain regions without any fixed destination or route in mind. We were escaping our regular lives into newly alluring but precarious modes of existence, always and ever in search of the persistent though elusive idea of freedom.