2018, July 4

Author: Paulius Peleckis

End of 2014. Last rehearsals in local cities. After this the final dots will be put in Vilnius followed by the grand finale of the World Lithuanian Song Celebration “Day of the dances”.

During the celebration day viewers see the dancers sharp and smiling. Dancers of various ages dressed in colourful national dresses give all their effort to show what they were practicing for the last couple of months and the final week – everything by the schedule of the rehearsals.

Tiring practicing in different parts of Vilnius with short pauses in between really tire the dancers out but it does not stop their partying till the morning. Even though they know that next morning they will need to get up and have full day of rehearsals. They do not sleep, they talk, joke and send bottle around even though the next day all the pauses will be dedicated to rest and their spaced out faces will show the results of the last night fun.

Two different worlds that seem not to go hand in hand but we can be sure that no Song Celebrations did not pass without it. Dances and a bottle of beer or a shot of vodka. Even though for a moment it seems that these young people mostly think “what are we going to drink tonight?” but after spending more time with them we can be sure – it is quite an opposite. Every teenager wants to try what is prohibited but it does not change the fact that all these young people put on their national dresses, have long rehearsals and with all the respect dance their favourite national dances. They dance and they put all their hearts to it.

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