Victoria Model Steamboat Club

2021, April 13

For over a century, park walkers like myself pause by the lakeside to watch as boats are put through their paces on the water; fascinated with the detail of vessels laid upon the shore.


2021, January 31

In 2015, the travelling photographer Algirdas Bakas visited the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation, which is a mere 24 kilometers away from his hometown of Jurbarkas. This territory, stretching between Lithuania and Poland, turned from Königsberg, the spearhead of Prussian German grandeur, into the most militarized part of the Soviet Union – Kaliningrad.

Portrait of the Early Generation Z

2020, October 6

Members of the early Generation Z were born between 1995 and 2001. I myself was born in 1998 and the creation of this project was inspired by my own reflections on the relationship with time. Raising my own existential questions — what have I achieved being 22 years old? what else should I achieve in the future? why am I who I am? — I try to find my answers through looking at peers with whom I have interacted in real or digital space.

Cherchez la femme. A predecessor of influencers or exposure of life

2020, April 10

A middle-aged man opens the door. Gray hair and nearly bald, he builds up his face muscles and squeezes out a pleasantly strange smile. His dazzling white but the intermittently wrinkled shirt fits perfectly with his brightly colored rubber shoes. It was in this manner that Povilas Kulvinskas met me in the doorway and kindly invited me inside. My first step was timid, frightened. The walls were decorated with pictures of sinners and saints. Some women were on display among the posters of Vytautas the Great, the others appearing in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator posters.


2020, January 9

Sufis, known as Tasawwuf in the Arabic speaking world, are the mystics of Islam. They believe in reincarnation and a mysterious world between heaven and earth, which can be visited through deep meditation and performance of “Zikr”.


2019, October 10

The project consists of photographs of the walking yard and prison cell door spyholes in former KGB prisons in Baltic states and Ukraine, Stasi remand prison in Germany and former UB prisons Poland.

Yosemite People

2019, April 15

For the first time, a photographer is entering Yosemite as the WPA documentary photographers of the 1930s might, with a shifted priority on people rather than on nature.

Socially irresponsible photography

2019, February 21

“Say that you love Trump” chuckles a bored TSA officer as I stop dead. Welcome to New York City.


2018, July 4

2014 metų birželio pabaiga. Paskutinės repeticijos savame mieste. O po jų savaitę trunkantis galutinių štrichų uždėjimas Vilniuje, kuriuos vainikuos Pasaulio Lietuvių Dainų Šventės “Šokių diena”.

Morning has not dawned yet

2018, March 5

In 1990, after 50 years of soviet domination, Lithuania was the first Soviet republic to declare itself independent and become a sovereign state. Within two years, the remaining 14 Soviet republics followed into independence ushering in the end of the world’s largest communist state. A long lasting period of oppression on Lithuania’s history and national identity have shaped the country, its resources, its economic system and its people.

Not One Dimensional Society

2017, December 1

My beloved and I hitchhiked through both Europe’s huge urban cities and remote mountain regions without any fixed destination or route in mind. We were escaping our regular lives into newly alluring but precarious modes of existence, always and ever in search of the persistent though elusive idea of freedom.

To measure time

2017, May 15

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future. Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience. Time is often referred to as the fourth dimension, along with the three spatial dimensions.

Looking for octopus

2017, January 12

I heard my name yelled out. Looking in the direction of the voice I saw Captain Morzina. Last time we saw one another was a good two years ago, last time we went deep sea fishing. We walked up to one another and shook each other’s hands vigorously. Morzina put his arm around me, a feat for a man that much shorter than me, and began guiding my steps. I knew where we were going.

1948 Olympian. Edna’s Story.

2016, December 31

Edna Lilian Child Tinegate was born in 1922 in Westham, London. Growing a bit differently from other kids at that day she was not even hoping that one day she will represent United Kingdom as a diver in Olympic games that happened more than 50 years ago in 1948 in London.

In search of the past. Children of Silenai.

2016, December 30

Photography is evolving at amazing speed and because of it our community is becoming very advanced and skilled technologically. We have a huge potential to commemorate what will not occur later in even more advanced and more metropolitan community.

Kultūros Namai

2016, August 18


IN TRUST: inhabiting Wales’ stories

2016, May 11

Author: Artūras Valiauga Every story has the end, but the end of one story means the beginning of another one. And depending on the story teller or the rules of storytelling, “unnecessary” details are left behind and detracting circumstances are ignored. Some say that ignorance is bliss. Though, usually the most intriguing are details of

Easter in Pievėnai

2016, March 29

Each year at Easter, a group of uniformed young men stand on guard in the local church of a small village, Pievėnai, in Lithuania. Their duty is to make sure that the passage of the annual procession is not disturbed. It is not against attacks of some street gangs or vicious criminals that they are defending the church;

The River Runs Back

2016, January 13


Smuggled cigarettes

2015, June 10

About one third of the cigarettes sold in the Baltic countries are smuggled, and within the last few years those numbers have only been growing. This has become a considerable economic problem damaging the country’s business and finances.

Post Circle

2015, March 25

Photography project “Post Circle” portrays endangered circus tradition in Lithuania. In my project “POST CIRCLE” I seek to expose the photographed individual not only through their own appearance, posture and gestures but also through their living environment, domestic work and without interrupting their natural ways of living, to capture the customary circus people movement, in photographic shots to perpetuate distinctive, emotionally attractive psychological portraits.

Lithuania, 1993

2014, December 16

In 1993 I found myself celebrating my 25th birthday in Vilnius, the capital city of a free Lithuania. The Soviet Union had collapsed and that spring I spent 3 1/2 months roaming the countryside equipped with a 35mm Cannon camera and a dozen rolls of black and white film.

Still Identity

2014, September 24

I was born and grew up in Vilnius (Lithuania). For more than ten years I drive to work at a photo studio by the Dutch street, which starts at a crossroad with blooming tulips in spring. The best known object in this street is the funeral home, a building remaining from the Soviet Union times, and a heritage of the Soviet modern architecture. For older citizens and people of my age this place brings back the sad memories of dead relatives and friends.

The way of fur

2014, July 28

Tanning is one of the oldest crafts. People had not yet learned to sew but knew how to skin animals and cure the hides. Fur and fire would protect them from cold and biting winds. Today, fur is not just for keeping us warm – it is also a gorgeous piece of attire.


2014, May 26

From the old times the sea crossing was associated with a mystical act of overcoming the borders of the old world. The sea is an opportunity and also a threat.

Land of longing

2013, November 20

A landscape that is close to the sight and far in the memories, concealing the burial mounds of Nadruvians and Skalvians, emerged on the bones of Prussians, Lithuanians, Frenchmen, Germans, and Russians, defying any harmoniously balanced composition.

Harvest of Wetland

2013, July 8

In 2002, frustrated with the long journey to legal allotments on the outskirts of the City, a self-governed space was established by a group of pensioners on a piece of wetland in Šiauliai city, Lithuania. The 15 elderly people occupied the land, built demarcation lines, erected buildings from scrap materials and dug out a drainage system to create a working allotment.


2013, April 10

Transnational migration is an immense phenomenon of this postcolonial era, involving the movement of significant numbers of people globally every day. Many are forced to leave due to extreme circumstances while others leave to gain new experiences. Subsequently, mobility, displacement and transculturalism are inseparable characteristics of contemporary society.

Killing time

2013, February 25

Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004. This resulted in a rapid increase in emigration as people sought a higher standard of living. In 2010 more than 83.000 people emigrated from Lithuania.

Children of Buchenwald. Shmuel’s story.

2012, November 29

Life of people during the middle of the twentieth century was marked with very bold scars. A lot of them were in contact with cruelness, constraints, pain and huge hardship. War very often leaves big marks and ruins a lot of destinies, but there are stories that enlighten these times in different angle and it proves that even in these hard moments there was a hope and faith, passion for creativity and love for the art.

Hardening the Steel

2012, November 22

As soon as we start to think about boxing as a sport, we are touched by the brutal and harsh feelings. It associates with aggression and hatred, mutilation of other person. While watching boxing fights on TV or in an arena, one often ends up overpowered by inner instincts, bestial desire of blood.